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This section provides detailed emphasis on facts and figures of Nobel Prizes. The foundation of Nobel Prize was laid by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist on 27th November 1895. He was the inventor of Dynamite. He signed his last testimony and gave away a large share of his possession and fortunes to a series of prizes in the fields of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, and Peace. Every year Nobel Prizes are announced in the month of October and distributed on 10 December, and are of great importance in regard to competitive exams. So it is imperative to keep yourself updated with these facts and figures from exam and interview point of view.

Score more in lesser time with our highly enriched & updated study material and reports. This section introduces the student to the details of most important awards of the year. The purpose of this section is to evaluate & enhance your knowledge.

What you will learn

  • A brief history of Nobel Prizes
  • People getting Nobel Prizes in 2018
  • Famous Indians who were honored with Nobel Prizes in various fields
  • Some important facts about previously awarded Nobel Prizes
  • Facts and Figures in easy-to-learn format


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Nobel Prizes 2018