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World history is a vital part of the GK section in any competitive exam. You will be expected to know all about various important events in the history of the world such as the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, WWI and WWII. This section will test your knowledge of history and see how much history of the world you really know.

This chapter will help you learn world history meticulously making sure that you pick up new facts quickly and remember them too. The eBooks and videos will give you deeper insight into the events of modern history and will ensure that you get the worlds historical facts right. Upon completion of this chapter, you will be ready to see where you stand and assess your level of preparation with the assignments provided.

What you will learn

  • Historical facts of the modern world
  • Significant events, movements and revolutions after 1500 AD
  • World History post-1900
  • Miscellaneous facts and important dates of modern history

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Modern World History