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The 'Weekly Current Issues' section is here to keep you updated with current issues of national and international importance. Four topics are covered every week in the form of PDF files and concept videos. Go through the content and watch videos to have the conceptual clarity.

It will not only be useful for you in the Preliminary stage preparation but will also provide fodder for Intermediate and Interview stage. Understanding the basic concepts along with updated recent happenings will help you to build a strong foundation for your exams. It will assist you in covering the current affairs part get a clear idea on how to correlate issues in the news with conventional issues and prepare notes on the same.

What you will learn

  • Concepts, theory and definitions related to various topics
  • An analytical approach for grey areas important for exams
  • Tips and tricks to learn important facts and figures
  • Robust strategies to attempt the GK section in exams

Weekly Current Issues

Current Issues


Week 1 (Mar 29 - Apr 04))
  • Pay Cut Government Servants in Telangana Watch Now
  • Tokyo Olympics Postponed to 2021 Buy Now
  • Farmers' Welfare Package during Lockdown Buy Now
  • Mounting NPAs in Banking and Non-banking companies Buy Now
Week 2 (Apr 05 - 11)
  • Indonesia's Anak Krakatau Volcano Shoots Ash, Lava Buy Now
  • Mounting Fiscal Deficit Amidst Covid Lockdown Buy Now
  • China To Invest In Pak For Cpec Buy Now
  • World Health Day Buy Now
Week 3 (Apr 12 - 18)
  • WFP chief warns of ‘hunger pandemic’ as Global Food Crises Report launched Buy Now
  • Iran Launches First Military Satellite Noor Buy Now
  • China’s Mars Mission Named Tianwen-1 Coming Soon
  • BWF Names P.V. Sindhu as an Ambassador Buy Now
Week 4 (Apr 19 - 25)
  • World Intellectual Property Day 2020 Coming Soon
  • U.N. Agency calls for $1 Trillion developing World debt write-off Coming Soon
  • National Panchayati Raj Day 2020 Coming Soon
  • Ambedkar Jayanti Coming Soon
Week 5 (Apr 26 - May 02)
  • World Press Freedom Day Buy Now
  • International Labour Day Coming Soon
  • Tirumurti Appointment as Permanent Representative to UN Coming Soon
  • India Third Largest Military Spender - SIPRI Coming Soon

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