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Indian Polity is an integral part of the GK section. You will be able to create a basic understanding of our political structure, its working and various related concepts. It will also help you in understanding the historical evolution of various concepts such as Preamble, FRs, DPSPs, Emergency provisions, various organs of government along with creation of governance systems at different levels such as Panchayati Raj System, Municipal Corporations, and Co-operative Bodies etc. Understanding Indian Polity will help you immensely in understanding the various historical events as well. This section will put your knowledge to the test and gauge how well you know your Indian Polity.

This chapter will help you brush up on your concepts and understanding in a systematic manner to ensure maximum retention of facts & theories. The eBooks and videos will equip you with a detailed overview of Indian Polity and also make sure that you get all the Political Concepts right. After completing this chapter, you will be able to assess your level of preparation and easily answer the assignments provided.

What you will learn

  • Salient Features of Indian Constitution
  • Our Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Various organs of Governments Machinery
  • Various Government Schemes

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Indian Polity & Constitution