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GK forms an important part of all major entrance exams for Law, Hotel Management & BBA. While some may consider it an inconvenience, GK actually offers an excellent opportunity to increase score or scrape extra time for other sections of the exams. The comprehensive course has 5000+ questions on Static GK & Current Affairs. Fine tune your preparation strategy with comprehensive GK prep that provides individual treatment for each of these sections.


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Course Details

Generally, GK is the most unpredictable section in any competitive exam. But a rich and updated study material prepared by our qualified faculty, makes it is easy to grasp and score high. Further it plays a crucial role in academic growth and overall personality development of a student.

Understanding the significance of it, our expert faculty members have made a comprehensive GK module which covers both static GK and current affairs. We have also laid emphasis on covering all key news items on weekly basis and introduced a special report section on important topics.

In order to help you fully grasp the content, we have developed a step-wise approach to learning. Each module has clusters covering specific topics. For example, Static GK will have individual eBook, videos, question banks and online tests for Geography, History, Economics etc. Make full use of the countless resources at your disposal to build your personality.

What you will learn

  • Static GK of India and world art & culture, history, Government policies, economics etc.
  • Current monthly affairs updated on weekly basis
  • Weekly update on key topics/news items
  • Actual test papers for practice
  • Detailed reports on significant event(s) in the news
Static GK

Indian Polity & Constitution

Understand the working of our government machinery and basic structure of political system

  • 7 Videos
  • 4 Assignments
  • 4 Online Tests
  • 1 E-Book

Indian Geography

Learn the essential concepts and features of Indian Geography

  • 7 Videos
  • 3 Assignments
  • 3 Online Tests
  • 1 E-Book
Why Hitbullseye?

When it comes to content websites in GK arena, we are the market leader producing unique and quality content.

Our GK product is a compelling mix of free eBooks, articles, video lectures, assignments and sample tests designed in step-wise manner to ensure better grasp and retention. Step-wise approach entails all prep material for a particular topic in one cluster. This approach is highly recommended by our domain experts which includes faculty members who have cleared IAS mains multiple times.

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