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Government plays a vital role towards the development of country and its citizens. It is attained through various Government schemes and Policies made keeping in mind the basic need of every citizen, group, religion, community and sector. Understanding the features of these schemes and policies will keep you updated and aware about recent changes and various opportunities provided by government. Start learning with our power pack study materials, assignments and many more learning resources.

The purpose of this section is to evaluate & enhance your understanding regarding various ministry-wise schemes and policies. It will further increase your exam scores up to a great extent. You will also be able to check your level of preparation with the help of assignments. The course is equipped with eBooks and other learning resources. So, start learning and boost your knowledge with confidence.

What you will learn

  • Ministry-wise schemes and policies
  • Salient features of Important Schemes & policies
  • Miscellaneous targeted schemes & related facts
  • Benefits & opportunities available through these Schemes and Policies
  • Tips and Tricks to learn all the schemes and their features easily


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Govt. Schemes & Policies