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One Stop Solution For GK

How to use GK Junction?

General Knowledge is an important part of preparation for examinations. Along with that, knowledge about the events of the world equips you to deal with challenges effectively and lends you an understanding of the world. While preparing for the General Knowledge section of various exams, one should not limit one’s focus only to the exam part, and should r focus on gaining holistic knowledge about events and happenings of the world.  GK Junction is one section that keeps all of the above in mind, and provides you the perfect combination of information and knowledge to ace General Knowledge section of difference examinations.

Competitive exams and General Knowledge:

Your ‘General Knowledge Prep’ has the following impacts on your exam-prep:

  • A number of exams feature general knowledge sections and having complete knowhow about events, facts and happenings of the world helps you conquer these sections.
  • The interview round of your selection process also features questions on general knowledge and specifically, current affairs.

Sections @ GK Junction:

We provide a host of value added sub-sections here, and these serve the following purposes:

  • Current GK: To keep you abreast with the happenings of the world.
  • Static GK: Exhaustive information on past events & issues, essential subject knowledge etc.
  • Topic of the week: The most essential event of the week covered in detail.
  • Latest updates and reports: Reports/updates above important issues and events
  • Previous actual papers: Access to previous year GK questions

Steps to Use @ GK Junction:

GK Junction has a wealth of knowledge contained within it and you would do well to make sure you consume this at the right time and in the right way.

Step 1: Topic of the Week

Topic of the Week is the most important issue of the week, covered in the most comprehensive manner. Make sure you read it every week, and explore the web-links provided in the file to understand the topic further.

Step 2: Current GK

We cover the latest events of the month with the help of GK snippets and monthly cover story. Make sure you read this every month. Also, the archive for previous months is provided. One step at a time, you should try to cover as many of these months as possible.

Step 3: GK Tests

Acing General Knowledge is not only about learning new facts and acquiring new information. It is about constantly testing yourself, and you can do this by taking the numerous GK tests given on the website. Current GK tests for the week and Static GK tests form the perfect practice for testing your GK knowledge.

Essential tips for using the ‘GK Junction’:

  • We often forget the importance of learning on a regular basis, and this is highlighted best with our struggles with General Knowledge. Make sure you are regular with all the GK updates, and do not allow information to pile up. If you do so, you would struggle to take-in all GK updates at once.
  • GK is about knowledge enhancement, and note rote learning. Make sure you co-relate the events of the world with the facts you learn. This would ensure you do not forget facts.
  • GK tests are often neglected by students, and they do not pay sufficient attention to them. Make sure you solve all the tests in this section, and are constantly aware of your current preparation levels.



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