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How to choose a career?

One of the hardest decisions for a student to make is to select a career. With a plethora of options available, and possible career streams increasing by the day, it is imperative that your career decisions should be dictated by logic and sound reasoning.

In terms of right or wrong careers, the question actually does not exist. There is no right or wrong career; the question is always about you selecting one that sits well with your likes, goals and personality type.

Explore your potential:

The first step for making a career choice is to know yourself. Delve deep into yourself and analyze your strengths, values, personality, and skills. Such an analysis can help you identify the choice which is the best fits for you. In order to carry out this analysis, you would need to be objective in your approach and you should allow opinions to cloud your judgment. Honest assessments from your friends and family should be appreciated, as these can guide you to the correct path. Also, you can undertake personality assessment tests to understand yourself even better. Kindly take these as an indicator only and do not take their assessment to heart.

Explore your options:

The second step that you need to take is to explore the various career options that you have. Starting with the absolute basics, you need to identify whether you wish to seek employment or start your own business. In case the choice is employment, you can decide whether you wish to work in public or private sector. Now let’s suppose you have selected the private sector as your preferred destination of employment. Based on your skill-set, you can identify the various fields that you can find employment it. Also, on the basis of the field you have selected, you can work on further strengthening of your skills and make sure that you fully equipped to handle the challenges in that particular field.

Make an informed decision:

The culmination of the above process is your final decision. If based on the steps above, your career choice would be one based on sound reasoning and your interests. Such a combination works best as it provides you the motivation to excel in a particular field, and at the same time, keeps you grounded to the realities of your profession.

There are chances that at the end of the above process, you might still be confused about some of the career options at your disposal. In this case, the best approach is to talk to individuals who are already working in that area and have an honest heart to heart discussion about the pros and cons of a particular field. In case your chosen area allows you the opportunity to take up a short-term internship, make sure you take it up so that you are aware first hand of challenges and pitfalls of the field your have selected.

Another important aspect of making career decisions is to maintain your objectivity at all times. There are times when certain career choices might seem to be very attractive on first sight, but you may have forgotten to understand the profession and its actual challenges. For example, one such field which is very attractive in its appearance but poses numerous challenges is a career in flying.  Flying is one career that been romanticized in films and literature, and there are many youngsters who wish to make a career in this field. The high of flying, accompanied with perks of constant travelling and high salaries makes it an attractive career choice. But on the flip side, the life of a pilot can be very stressful; and accompanied with irregular sleep patterns, dangers in the job, and high cost of education, life of a pilot is not as easy as it seems. Commercial pilots fly with the additional responsibility of passenger safety, and this places them under constant stress. Such a high-profile and stressful job requires a very cool temperament, high levels of physical fitness and the ability to endure extreme conditions. While deciding a career in such a field, you should keep all these factors in mind and then only decide whether you wish to take it up or not. This is just a sample analysis of a possible career path. In general, you should carry out such a thorough assessment of every choice in front of you so that you make the best choice.

As we said about, making a career choice is a combination of various factors and you would do well to keep all of the above in mind while selecting your career.

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