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How to use E-library?

Ask any English Language teacher one simple question, ‘which is the best way to learn the language’, and the answer would always be the same: READ. Of the most basic activities of our school education, reading is consigned to the role of a hobby for the majority of us. With our ‘E-library’ section, we wish to bring this activity to the forefront and make sure that each one of the students expands on his learning by undertaking the wonderful journey called Reading.

Competitive exams and reading:

One of the core reasons for providing such a section is the importance of reading for competitive examinations. Reading skills are important for two reasons:

  • These are heavily required for answering reading comprehension questions (featured in majority of the examinations). The better reader you are, the better are your chances of solving an RC successfully.
  • They help you  in other areas of the language, such as vocabulary. Reading is by far the best way to improve your word power and master the language. The more you read, the more you are exposed to different styles of writing and grammatical structures. Reading sub-consciously helps you retain these and helps you develop basic grammar skills.

Sections @ E-library:

We plan to accomplish the above with the help of following power packed sections:

  • Book Reviews

    It is a common saying that one of the biggest reasons for a person to read a book is when he receives either a negative or a positive review for a book. These reviews leave an impression on your mind and fuel your desire to read. By featuring some of the best books from the world of literature in this section, we hope to help you expand your reading horizons. The majority of the reviews in this section are accompanied with detailed descriptions and in-depth analyses of the books. These reviews have two major benefits: firstly, they provide you with a further reason to explore these books in totality, and secondly, they help you grasp, in a glance, the amazing concepts put forward by these books.
  • Recommended Books

    Along with book reviews, we provide you with a comprehensive list of recommended books. This list of books covers each and every genre, and level of reading. The list can be filtered according to genre/category name, reading level and author name. The basic concept behind this section is to ensure that you always have a host of books to select from, and at no point the question, ‘what to read’, confuses you.
  • Download Books

    Times have changed, and we live in the world of tablet devices and mobile apps. Such developments have had an impact on reading as well, and reading on devices such as laptops/tablets/mobiles is becoming far more common. Keeping that in mind, we provide you with a list of readymade links for some of the best books written ever. You can download these and read them anytime on the go.
  • Top 20 books

    Well, the above is a lot of reading material. Feeling confused? Well, you don’t need to. We save the best for last. The ‘Top-20 Books’ section  just does what you want: gives you a list of 20 books that you should read first, according to your examination need. Kindly understand that these books are an indicator of the general reading skills required for a particular exam and will go a long way in helping you understand the language requirements for a particular exam.

Essential tips for using the ‘E-library’ section:

  • Explore each and every section in details. The ‘Book Review’ section can be used to explore different books and read the one you would want to read first.
  • Use the ‘Recommended section’ to identify books on the basis of your current reading levels. In case books of a certain level seem too easy or too difficult, shift to another level.
  • The ‘Top-20’ books is essentially a ready reckoner for books, and is particularly helpful when you are faced with the exams and do not have enough time for reading a lot. You can select the essential books to read in this case.


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